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Code of Ethics.

In the belief that our industry deserves our combined best efforts to advance itself, in order to better serve the general public, we are pledged to the concept that to do so we must be within the framework of high principles of conduct. As participating members of the New Jersey Warehousemen and Movers Association, we therefore embrace this code:

Never participate in business practices with the moving public or members of the industry that are not in every respect fair and honest;

Just treatment and integrity shall be adhered to in all dealings with the moving public and members of the industry;

Working conditions and the welfare of all employees, shall be given the highest consideration with special emphasis on health and safety;

Mutual efforts shall be pursued toward improvement and maintenance of high standards for our industry.

Adherence to a policy of truth in advertising shall be followed; never making a public or private statement which cannot be substantiated or executed.

The Association’s Committee on Ethics is charged by the Board of Directors with overseeing the adherence to this Code by members of the Association.


Movers Go Green - Local Movers In New Jersey Give Back to Their Communities!

A Community Service Program for Charity

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COE Members

The Circle of Excellence Mover Program was developed and administered by the NJWMA to recognize members that exceed the minimum required standards for membership. 

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Move for Hunger

Move For Hunger is a non-profit organization that provides an out-of-the-box solution to our nation’s growing hunger problem.

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may 5th

Woman Sues Moving Company for Nightmare

A moving company referred a woman to a drug addict with a long rap sheet who stole her car and trashed her stuff, the miffed customer claims in court. Rebecca Chambers sued American Knights Moving and Storage in Harris County Court.


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april 30th


Before you hire a mover do some research to avoid problems. Don't rely on prices quoted on the Internet or phone because they are subject to change on moving day!

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april 17th

Things you should know before hiring a moving company

We advise consumers to beware of rogue operators offering low estimates. They may have sophisticated websites to make them appear to be large legitimate companies. They make promises that they have no intention to keep and their final charges may be two to five times higher then the original estimate!

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