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What coverage is included when you move? Aren’t movers "Fully Insured"? It’s important to understand the basic terms of coverage that movers include with their rates and know what other options are available before moving day to protect your possessions.
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The New Jersey Warehousemen & Movers Association was established in 1969 and is restricted to movers that are license in New Jersey by the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs. All movers listed herein are prequalified, we verify that: their public movers license has been renewed, their insurance is current, they have a satisfactory or better rating with the Better Business Bureau and they agree to conduct business in an ethical and legal manner. We do our best to be the NJ moving industry watchdog!

This website offers advice on finding and selecting the right company. When you hire a mover, you enter into a legal contract. Avoid becoming a victim of a scam by researching local and long distance movers before you invite them into your home because it is too late to change moving companies when they arrive. Make your decision based on comparing companies, not based on lowest price because the price can change on moving day. Trusting everything you own to people you do not know is an important decision.

Code Of Ethics

N ever participate in business practices with the moving public or members of the industry that are not in every respect fair and honest;

J ust treatment and integrity shall be adhered to in all dealings with the moving public and members of the industry;

W orking conditions and the welfare of all employees, shall be given the highest consideration with special emphasis on health and safety;

M utual efforts shall be pursued toward improvement and maintenance of high standards for our industry.

A dherence to a policy of truth in advertising shall be followed; never making a public or private statement which cannot be substantiated or executed.